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Because Business and Life Go Together 

Genocide and Happiness

Maja Kazazic is an internationally recognized speaker, entrepreneur and genocide survivor. Through her compelling story that circled the globe, Maja helps and inspires audiences to perform better in sales, marketing, customer service, leadership, and other areas of not just business, but also in life.


During the genocide, Maja learned the importance of positivity, resiliance, team work and overcoming obstacles at a very young age. This helped her to achieve great success as a speaker, entrepreneur, sportsman and as a person in general.

In today's economy it's crucial for corporations to build a loyal and effective workforce which is motivated and adds value to the company, while individuals achieve their personal goals. This is exactly where Maja can help you!


Maja believes that there are no "one fits for all" solutions, when it comes to keynote presentations. To have the the greatest impact at your event, she studies the overall culture and needs of your audience. While telling her shocking and touching story about how she survived the genocide and lost her leg in the war, she helps your audience to:

- overcome obstacles in life and in business

- achieve their personal and business goals

- become better team players

- be positive and resilient

- have plans for the future


Listening to Maja's keynote presentation is a touching experience that your audience will never forget - they will laugh and cry at the same time. Her story is a reminder for all of us that the importance of small, positive, step-by-step actions and resilience have a much greater impact to the world around us that we think. The audience will walk away empowered, ready to achieve their business and life goals, committed to achieve more than ever before.





After 15 years, over 100 surgeries, trying with different doctors, prosthetic legs, braces that didn't work Maja was ready to give up on her dream to run.
It was the moment when she saw dolphin with a 
prosthetic tale that made her try one more time. 

This custom solution not only led to Maja running a 5K marathon, but it also revolutionized prosthetic industry which changed lives for countless war wounded veterans. Showing us that,

regardless if it's in business or life winning solutions comes in many different forms, but you will never find them or win if you give up! 


During 26 yrs of being an amputee Maja had her share of different prosthetic legs. On one occasion while working with her prosthetist on getting a new leg she was told to get a running foot because her goal was to run. 

However, due to the type of amputation and extreme injuries to there right leg getting a running foot was the easiest part. The difficulty to get Maja to run was achieving a comfortable fit first. 

Making it clear that, before you can sell anything first you need to develop a relationship with your customer, understand the problem and then offer a solution. Don't tell customers what they want before you understand what they need! 


On July 15th Maja went outside to chat with friends. Just as she sat down a bomb exploded killing all 5 of her friends and Maja was severely injured. 

It was in that moment that Maja decided not be a victim. She changed her perspective and turned negative and almost deadly experience into a positive one that allowed her not only to survive but to strive.

All of us face difficult moments, problems and seemingly impossible situations we often can't change. 

Having the ability to change your perspective allows you to turn any situation into a positive learning and growing experience  


During the genocide Maja and 60,000 other civilians herded by guns, across the bridge, into the small 2 street area of town that was previously destroyed by fire and bombings. They were surrounded by two armies on nearby mountains and they had nothing. No electricity, No food, No water, No medicine, No outside contact. But, they organized, they became one — like honeybees — 60,000 people working in unison with one goal in mind — to survive. They created a makeshift hospital, soup kitchen and a water distribution system.  Working together allowed them to exponentially increase their resources, utilize different skills, and collaborate to build, as proclaimed by BBC, one of the fastest growing communities in the world.

Whether it's collaborating with different divisionsdepartments, or just coworkers, team work will allow everyone to reach staggering growth and results! 


Maja was ecstatic when she got her first prosthetic leg. Finally dream of her walking again was becoming real. 
stayed up the night before imagining herself walking, loving every step knowing that she would never take it for granted. But she was shocked to realize that because she didn't walk for so long she forgot how to walk! Needless to say this was a huge disappointment and that day she learned that before she can walk, first she had to learn how to stand. After learning how to stand, she learned how to walk with a walker, then with crutches, then with a cain, and eventually on her own. After that she realized her gate wasn't right and she needed to learn how to walk properly so she joined a marching band where she learned how big her stride should be, what to do with her arms, and so on. 

No matter what we do in life or in business we will face obstacles and failures, but the key is to get up, learn from our experiences, improving each time and implementing our knowledge to reach any goal! 


On her Lufthansa flight to a speaking engagement in Germany, Maja wanted to move her seat to a more convenient location to accommodate her injuries.

She explained the reasons and why she wanted some privacy in the back which would allow her to remove her prosthetic leg on such a long flight.

Gate agent happily complied. But when Maja got to her she realized that the agent went an extra mile and upgraded her to a first class seat with a private pod to comfortably remove both her braces and prosthetic leg. 
This simple gesture made Lufthansa Airline one of Maja's preferred airlines!  

Often, it doesn't take too much of extra effort to serve our customers better which can result in lifetime benefits, business, and loyalty otherwise we wouldn't' be able to get.  


Maja's childhood dream and a plan was to become a professional athlete. She started preparing herself at a young age of 6 practicing every day for hours. While other little girls played with dolls and learned how to make ponytails, Maja was on the filed practicing. As they got older her friends started to listen to cool music, go out, and take interest in boys. But not Maja. She continued to practice on the field, often until her back blistered from the scorching sun. 

But that all changed when she was severely injured and lost her leg, and her life took a completely different turn. 

Instead of fighting change, Maja embraced it! This inevitable change led to Maja motivating and inspiring masses around the globe, changing lives daily. And while she still loves sports Maja is thankful for this opportunity because her life now has a much greater purpose. Also she has grown as a person in ways she would never be able to if she wasn't injured and had to overcome so many obstacles. 

Whether it's in our personal lives, our workplace or industry, we must realize that any type of growth requires change.

 It's only when we embrace the change do we experience growth and reach heights that often change the world. 


When Maja was fitted with a prosthetic leg she was excited to walk again. But that day it quickly became clear that, after all this time, she has forgotten how to walk. 

She had physical therapist trying to help who kept saying: "Best way to ambulate is to do what feels comfortable." But Maja didn't know what comfortable was, nor did she know what ambulate meant. She had all these questions, lie..."What do I do with my arms and how far do I swing them? How big should my step be? Where and when do I strike with my heel? How long do steps last?"

To help find the answers Maja joined a marching band - a group that spends years learning how to walk properly! 

Following her bandmates Maja learned the proper step size, she would swing her arms when others did, striking a heel at the same time they did mimicimd their behavior while listening to the drumbeat the provided rhythm and a natural gate. 

Her bandmates became leaders that changed her live, something that trained professionals couldn't do.

If you want to be a good leader make sure you are an expert who understands your staff, your group so you can lead by example. Because when it comes to leadership, your actions will always speak louder than words! 


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Every speech is custom made for your group.

Josh weaves his story together with the story of your organization. He attends your entire event, sitting in on general sessions, chatting with attendees at social functions and immersing himself in your culture so he can:

Reinforce what your leadership team has said at previous sessions 

Interact with individual audience members by name from on stage

Speak naturally in the nomenclature and acronyms of your industry

Refer to inside jokes and events from prior days of the conference

Choose anecdotes from his life that support your theme

Teach 1mt1mt's that will be relevant and actionable for your audience



Every speech is custom made for your group.

Josh weaves his story together with the story of your organization. - John Doe , CEO 


Every speech is custom made for your group.

Josh weaves his story together with the story of your organization. - John Doe , CEO 


Every speech is custom made for your group.

Josh weaves his story together with the story of your organization. - John Doe , CEO 


Every speech is custom made for your group.

Josh weaves his story together with the story of your organization. - John Doe , CEO 


Every speech is custom made for your group.

Josh weaves his story together with the story of your organization. - John Doe , CEO 


Every speech is custom made for your group.

Josh weaves his story together with the story of your organization. - John Doe , CEO 



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