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Learning to Simplify Your Life

It seems every day is saturated with images, sounds, complaints, work, and thoughts that go around your head in circles. What I wouldn’t give, sometimes, is to throw away all the things that complicate my life and live a quiet life in the country. I know that’s not very realistic.

There are a few ways, however, to start simplifying the life you already even if it’s in a small way.

Declutter Everything: Mind and Home

In this day and age, hundreds of little gadgets for your home are supposed to make your life easier and seemingly more convenient. However, when you’re yelling “Alexa” for the fifth time with no response or can’t find your favorite shoes, you realize that it’s all just cluttering up your life. Start the decluttering process in your physical space, removing old papers and clothes you don’t need to make room for what is essential in your life.

Remember, though, that the clutter doesn’t just exist in your home but also in your mind. Your mind fills with harmful thoughts, ideas, and worries that could block all the good things that want to come into your life. Practice daily mindfulness, such as meditation, to help clear your mind of clutter.

Cut Out Toxic People

Sometimes, the people you love most in your life can add the most complications. Identifying toxic people in your life is vital to simplifying your overall life, as they are the ones that often add unnecessary drama. If you don’t feel ready to cut these toxic people out of your life completely, try setting boundaries first. Limit the time you spend with them. If they honor these boundaries and work, great. If they have difficulty with these boundaries and don’t respect your time, you may need to consider cutting them out altogether.

Gain Control of Your Time

Your time is precious to you. Don’t spend most of it doing things you don’t love or make you feel drained at the end of the day. Take control of your time by developing routines and setting boundaries around specific points of the day when you can focus on what’s important to you.

Want to read more? Set an hour towards the end of the day specifically for reading. Don’t allow anyone to get in the way of that unless it's an emergency.

Want to live a slower life? Move to somewhere quieter, take your time regarding tasks, and understand that you don’t need to attend every event that invites you.

It’s YOUR time. Do what you want with it.

Remember, Life is Always A Little Complicated

Feeling like you have to live this perfect, simple life can often have the opposite effect. You’ll feel like you HAVE to do things a sure way to achieve that peace. Then, when something happens that makes your life a little complicated, you get anxiety or depression because maybe you feel like you did something wrong.

Simplifying your life isn’t avoiding life’s complications. If it were easy, you wouldn’t feel fulfilled at the end of the day. Instead, it’s about developing tools to cope with those moments in your own way and learning from them.


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