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Understanding and Navigating Change

The temperatures are getting higher. For some, the world is drying out while other areas flood with constant rain. Summer is here, yet another reminder from nature that change is always on its way.

Change is natural. Every year, the changing of the seasons reminds us that change is necessary for growth and that it’s nothing to fear. So, why are we so afraid of it?

I’ve faced change countless times. I had to leave my home country, everything I had known, to get better after the war reached my doorstep. My image of the world changed in those moments when I saw battle tear through the fabric of my country. Then, as I got older, the world continued to change. I grew up. I moved to different countries. I changed careers. Change has served me well. Am I still afraid of time to time? Of course. However, I understand the necessity of it.

No matter how much life throws at us or how much we grow, change is always scary. Some would even call it terrifying. It’s what holds us back from evolving as people, from taking the necessary steps out of our comfort zone to achieve our fullest potential.

Why We Don’t Like Change

The reason most people are afraid of change is that they fear the unknown of the future. Their thoughts and anxieties contain dozens of “what if’s” that bring their hopes and fears to life.

However, change rarely brings the catastrophe you think it will. Sure, things can feel uncomfortable for a little while, but as everything settles, the change will reveal how it can shift your life into something new and exciting.

How to Cope with Change

For those who still fear change despite knowing its necessity, there are ways to cope with change.

- Plan Ahead: While some changes can come unexpectedly, you can plan most changes in your life. You can schedule a wedding, plan to have a family, or plan a move to a new town. The act of planning can help keep you focused and reduce the levels of anxiety you have around change. However, remember that not everything will go to plan.

- Take Time to Reflect: When you’re overwhelmed by change, take a moment to sit and reflect on what that change has brought into your life. Has it welcomed a positive opportunity into your life or introduced you to a new friend? How have you changed? Grab a notebook and take the time to be grateful for what your life has become.

- Create a Space for Comfort: As I mentioned before, change can be uncomfortable. That’s why it is essential to find places in your life where you can have a sense of routine and comfort. These moments of peace will help ground you and keep you from stressing too much about the uncertainty of change.

Change is Necessary

No matter how much we fight or fear change, it’s important to remember that it is necessary. We grow up. We grow older. We have people come into our lives and others who leave unexpectedly. We learn and move on to different phases of our lives.

Change hands us the opportunity to become better versions of ourselves, whether it’s through adversity or triumph. We can only accept that and learn to move forward with it.


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