Genocide Survivor. Mental Health Advocate. Entrepreneur. 

 Hearts touched. Lives changed. 



With a history of defying odds, a passion for building and fueling greatness, and a gift for moving people to take positive, empowered, long-lasting change in their lives and careers - she’ll be the kind of speaker your team will stand up and thank you for! 

With the background and experience with working with Fortune 500 companies, as well as running her own successful software company, Maja's unique experience and perspective will help your organization deal with change, experience growth, overcome obstacles, leverage teamwork and inspire leadership that changes lives!  Learn More


If you are looking to motivate, than look no further

Maja has taken the lessons of a life forever altered by what could have been catastrophic wounds of war and parlayed them into a vision and passion for providing the solutions and insights people and organizations need to create positive, inspired change in their personal and professional lives. Maja brings her expertise in motivating team members, raising revenues, and breaking through barriers and debilitating mindsets to the topics and tools she delivers to organizations worldwide.   Learn More


Ever wonder what could make your event SO MUCH FUN? How about an amputee Great Dane that paints? That's right, you read it correctly! Maja's best pal, Rosie is an amputee Great Dane, an she loves to paint! 

So, if you want your event to be a truly unique, unforgettable, and fun, while at the same time making a difference, than you need to book Maja and Rosie together as a team! They will wow your attendees with their remarkable stories and skills! And best of all, 10% of booking fee will go to a dog rescue saving and chasing livesLearn More

"Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate your willingness to join us for this special event. Your work to inspire people around the world is truly admirable. You should be very proud of all you have accomplished. Keep up the good work and know that we appreciate all that you do. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you."

—  Mike Fasan

Florida State Senator 

Did you know?

10% to the rescue 

When you book Maja and Rosie 10% of your fee goes directly to an animal rescue! Learn More

Lives Changed

Maja and Rosie regularly visit hospitals, nursing homes and amputee children. Learn More


Have you ever seen a Great Dane paint? Well now you her past time Rosie loves to paint! Learn More

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