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Maja's childhood dream was to become a professional athlete. Like all of us, she made plans and had a vision what her life would look like. Unfortunately, her idyllic childhood was cut short by a genocide that killed and injured more than 250,000 people. Like thousands of others Maja and her family never gave up hope and found a way to survive no matter what!

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Best Inspirational Speakers |-Maja Kazazic


One day when she was chatting with her friends a bomb exploded killing all 5 of her friends. Maja was severely injured. Due to lack of medical resources her leg had to be amputated without anesthesia, and the only way to fight the infection in her body was to cut the infected flesh off twice per day. For pain, Maja only had a teddy bear she would bite and scream into until it was over. Even though she was on the brink of deathMaja never gave up hope of surviving and playing her beloved sports.


Few days from her imminent death, Sally Becker, an artist from London, showed up at her bedside telling her that she got a permission to rescue 3 injured kids and Maja was one of the candidates. And twenty minutes later Maja found herself on a stretcher not knowing where she was going, when or if she would be back, leave her parents and everything she has known and loved behind. As scary as that is to a 16 year old, Maja's hope of getting better and being rescued became real. She ended up in a US Army Hospital in Germany and eventually in the USA where she received medical treatment

Best Inspirational Speakers |- about Maja Kazazic
Maja Kazazic


After having over 100 surgeries Maja had to relearn how to walk again. But she never gave up hope on her dream to run and play sports again. It took 15 years and meeting a special dolphin, Winter, which would eventually lead to the development of new prosthetic leg materials that allowed Maja to run her first 5K marathon and being able to walk pain free. These new materials didn't just help Maja walk and run pain free but also thousands of other injured US Veterans who suffer from similar injuries.


Just when her life was going perfect Maja developed a severe case of PTSD. Finally the years of pain and suffering caught up and her days were filled with extreme panic attacks, fear, and night terrors which left her barely able to function. Never losing hope, Maja knew she would get through this, and once again, help came from an unexpected source - an amputee Great Dane named Rosie! 

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about keynote speaker Maja Kazazic


Despite all the obstacles she faced, Maja put herself through college and landed a job in a large insurance company where her career skyrocketed. During her tenure, the products she created generated millions in revenue, putting them at the forefront of the tech world. Eventually she branched out on her own and started a very successful software company. Within a month of opening her door Maja secured her first six figure yearly retainer. While her client retention was at 99% Maja had high hopes of doing something more than making money!


This led to Maja becoming a speaker which gives her life purpose and a meaning. She wanted to use all of the knowledge and experiences that she accumulated over the years to give hope and help others. Her story travels the globe inspiring and changing lives of millions. She uses lessons she learned and brings them to your attendees 

Maja’s keynote addresses the questions we all have during these challenging times: What should we be doing? Where do we go next? How should we be feeling?

Maja uses her insights to make sense of the chaos, live a purpose-driven life, and lead purpose-driven organizations and teams in the midst of an ever changing

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