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Unlocking the Power of You


When Rosie was only few weeks old, her mom, who is a 135lb Great Dane, accidently stepped on her foot breaking it! Rosie was taken immediatly to the vet, but unfortunately, due to infection, they were not able to save her leg. After the amputation Rosie needed a forever home with someone who understood her pain and would be able to provide her with care and attention she needed. 


While all this was happening, Maja, who is an amputee herself, was looking for a Service Dog. One day when Maja was visiting Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics, they told her about Rosie, the Great Dane. After seeing the short video clip about Rosie, Maja knew this was her dog!


That moment the history was made! Maja and Rosie were united and have been changing lives every since.  Maja and Rosie regularly visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools and amputee clinics to share their inspire YOU never to give up! 


After completing her obedience, agility and Service Dog training Rosie was bored!!! She wanted something to do and every time Maja would paint Rosie tried to get into the paints and sit on the canvas! This led Maja to teaching Rosie how to hold a paint brush and bring it up to the canvas. This took only two 15min training sessions and Rosie was off painting, and developing her own painting style! 

Rosie has painted over 100 custom order paintings which can be ordered on their websites Part of profits are donated to dog rescues and the other part to buy more paints and canvases to support Rosie's hobby! 

Rosie's paintings have been used in corporate silent auctions as one of a kind gifts! 

If you would like to book both Maja AND Rosie - please contact us and know that 10% of all bookings with Rosie will be donated to a dog rescue! 

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