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Unlocking the Power of You

7 Building Blocks to Empower You 

Learn: Learn about 7 necessary Building Blocks that will help you achieve any goal. It includes all building blocks, plus Assessment Tool that will help you score where you fit in and how to improve. 

Click here to download 7 Building Blocks to Empower You + Assessment Tool

Find the Purpose In Your Life 

Learn: 7 Levels Deep Exercise 
Click here to download 7

Stop Making Fear Based Decisions

Learn: Five ways to crush fear! 

Click here to download 1 page PDF file.




"Down-to-earth, touching, and encouraging. 
I walked away with an inspirational message as well as a set of tools to follow in my own path to success."
Jessie Schneider, ABWA Chapter President

professional keynote speaker

"I know I will carry your message with me forever. Your spin on positive thinking is so true and really made me take stock of how my staff and I live each and every day." Melanie McMichel,

Colorado Director of Transporation 

Keynote speakers

"We have received so much positive feedback from attendees, sponsors — and a lot of their praise was directed toward you and your compelling story." Mary Roberts,

YMCA District Vice President 

Motivational Keynote

"Maja was completely different. She was absolutely amazing. Her message was one for all people. I would recommend her for any type of event, and will be recommending her for future events."

Sara Levinson, NDN HR Director 

business keynote speaker

"Thank you for sharing your story. Your work to inspire people around the world is truly admirable." Mike Fasano,
Florida State Senator  

Motivational Keynote Speaking

"She had the room riveted with the tales of her life experience - and how those experiences relate to our current context.  She tells a critical message in this time of political division." Katy Anthes, Colorado Commissioner of Education 

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Business & Management Keynote Speakers
Business  Keynote Speakers
Business & Management Keynote Speakers
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Business & Management Keynote Speakers hire
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What Is A Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker
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What Is a Keynote Speech?
 Keynote Speech
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