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Learning to Find Joy in Everyday Things

There is a lot of bad news today: war, storms, fires, politics, and tragedies. It’s challenging to find joy, and maybe impossible. However, we must continue trying to find that joy, even in the small, everyday things.

I know I find things every day that make me happy: a great cup of coffee or tea at the start of the day, Rosie’s head sitting in my lap at the end of it, and the gratitude I feel every day I’m reminded what a miracle my life is. Even something as simple as the weather is a few degrees cooler can make me smile.

Are you still struggling with finding that joy? Here are a few ways to begin finding happiness daily and embrace life's wonder.

Be Present

Learning to be more present in your life is the most vital part of finding happiness every day. For many of us, phones have ultimately captured our attention to the point that we no longer pay attention to the outside world. Instead, we’re scrolling through TikTok or listening to the latest true crime podcast. There’s nothing wrong with these things in moderation, but when it keeps you from being present in the now, you’ll lose yourself. You’ll be depressed listening to the latest atrocities or comparing yourself to the tailormade Instagram photos.

Take a deep breath, put the phone down, meditate, and reconnect with the present moment.

Practice Gratitude

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the good things in your life when everything feels like it’s going wrong around you. It’s easy to feel like everything is wrong or you haven’t achieved what you want.

Practicing gratitude reminds you that there are good things in your life. These could be things that make you happy or something that you may typically take for granted, even if it's something as simple as a beautiful sunset at the end of the day.

A common way most people practice gratitude is by keeping a gratitude journal. This allows you to sit down and think about what you’re grateful for that day and look back at what has brought you gratitude.

Find Wonder

Life can often get monotonous. You wake up, get everything ready for the day, drive to work, work a full day, drive home, have dinner, and get in bed to get enough sleep to do it all again. It’s boring.

Finding joy every day is all about finding little moments of wonder to make the day feel special. Look for moments in your routine that you can add these moments of wonder, whether it’s finding a hole-in-the-wall restaurant for lunch or dancing in the kitchen with your loved ones. It may seem hard to find, but wonder is everywhere.


With so many people talking and trying to have themselves heard, there’s one thing you do: listen. It’s about actively listening to people in your life and trying to understand. Sometimes you’ll hear stories that will bring joy. Other times, you may hear stories that make you grateful for life. Take the time to listen.

Happiness is always in our lives, even when everything else seems hopeless. Find that happiness and hold it close.


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